Residential Care

Our centre consists out of 7 cottages caring for between 10-12 children per cottage. Seventy eight children between the ages of 4 to 18 years are provided with daily residential care and balanced meals by our 16 child and youth care workers.

Dignified care is provided in a safe and homely atmosphere. Our central kitchen prepares main meals whilst children are encouraged to assist the child and youth care worker in preparing the lighter meals.

Children experience family life and socialising with related responsibilities e.g. cleaning their rooms, helping in the kitchen, keeping the house neat and tidy, and being part of a large extended family.

Children are placed in our care as a last resort after they have been found in need of care and protection outside their family environment in terms of section 150 of the Child Care Act of 2005. Children are placed with a 2 year court order.

The reason for placement is often because children have been exposed to violence and abuse or have been neglected by their caregivers. As a result, many of the children have suffered a great deal of trauma and neglect, and need intensive support to help reach their developmental goals.

Many of our children have learning challenges and attend special schools in the Nelson Mandela Metropole. Regular psychological assessments are done to ensure the correct placement of learners in relevant schools. Learners with learning challenges attend Merryvale School, Happyvale School and Westview School.

Children need structure and routine and thus the basis is formed for discipline and accepting rules and boundaries. Focus is placed on strengths and acceptable behavior rather than on punishment and enforcing rules.

Children are made aware that all behaviour has consequences and they have the control to decide if it is positive or not. Child and youth care workers receive regular training and support to assist them in working in the life space of the child and managing children with challenging behaviour.

Basic health care related services are provided by our nurse who ensures that high health and hygiene standards are maintained. We also utilise both the state and the private health care sector to enlist the services of dentists, surgeons, specialist medical practitioners and community clinics.



How we make a difference

Developing, empowering, restoring and reuniting displaced children and youth to function purposely as well adjusted and productive citizens within their communities.