How Can You Help?

Eastern Province Child and Youth Care Centre is proud of the care provided to our 78 children but acknowledge that this would not be possible without the support received from the community, businesses and sponsors.

The following can be seen as possible support options:


  • In kind donations e.g. food, clothing, toiletries and cleaning material.

  • Donate educational and recreational aids e.g. puzzles, board games and toys.

Support Campaigns

Get involved and motivate colleagues or friends to collect toiletries, bedding, new school shoes or new tekkies for 1 specific cottage.


Get involved as a volunteer by spending time on a regular basis with a specific cottage or project.


You can sponsor a birthday or a Christmas gift for a child or a cottage.  Get your friends together and choose a cottage of boys or girls and make a difference.


Your financial contribution via monthly debit orders or EFT donations makes an impact to the essentials for our children.


Choose our centre as your business’s CSI project or B-BBEE beneficiary.

How we make a difference

Developing, empowering, restoring and reuniting displaced children and youth to function purposely as well adjusted and productive citizens within their communities.